Collaborations: Pelias and Payton, Paintin’ and Playin’

I have often repeated the phrase “Stick Around, Do Good Work, and Be Nice To People” many times recently to those who have asked me how I get to do what I do and how I got here. Well it is really easy when you break down that phrase. Sometimes all you need is one of those 3 concepts to find yourself in an interesting and possibly life changing situation…

I cherish the friendships I have made in my 15+ years living, creating, and collaborating in this amazing city. I recently got a call from a dear friend, Anastasia Pelias, telling me that…”well, me and Nicholas Payton have been creating live art at my studio and, we are meeting for one of the last times and we don’t have any photos!” – That was the gist of it, and I really didn’t ask what for or why, but just “when and where”. Anastasia has been a good friend and supporter of what I do dating back to the early 2000’s. I have always enjoyed her uplifting spirit and kind nature towards me and those around her. Please check out her work…. 

I had never met Nicholas Payton (but I do love this set with George Porter Jr. at Bear Creek – yes, he’s playing the trumpet and keys) but was very excited to be able to witness and record their collaboration. He arrived quickly with his keyboards and some amps and was fast to setup and play to Stasi’s already colorful dripping canvas.

 Nicholas Payton and Anastasia Pelias at Pelia

Nicholas Payton and Anastasia Pelias at Pelia’s uptown New Orleans studio. 2015.


Pelias’s Peds

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