Month: August 2015

"How we are connected as Humans" - More musings on My Louisiana Muse

August 20, 2015

My Louisiana Muse has shown me the deeper ways that we are all connected as human beings and even more so as artists. We are connected through how we interpret the “message of inspiration” coming to us as an outside sound, light, or experience. We can tie in this moment to our already formed ideas and thoughts and from here can decide wether to tell that story.

Inspiration is a subconscious deeper meaning (feeling) and knowledge of our existence and how we fit into our world on a micro scale. As I write this I realize that each artist I interviewed for this project didn’t necessarily know each other, but when I told them about each other’s projects their eyes lit up. Just think if we could have these great Louisiana photographers, painters, and poets all in one room meeting each other, talking, creating, inspiring. Having this show on September 12th at the Jazz and Heritage Gallery brings the project full circle. I am anticipating a sense of completion in getting my work done and on the walls, but to me that’s just the drapes in a big mansion of people talking, creating, and inspiring.

"Creativity in Diversification" photography lecture uploaded to YOUTUBE!

August 11, 2015

My good buddy Ben Samuels did a great job capturing and editing my lecture and photography presentation at the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities/Cultural Vistas “Happy Hour” series in June. I was honored to be asked to speak at this well put together event. I was able to showcase the different phases of my photography career through images, and also talk about where I am now, while taking questions from the crowd. I hope you enjoy!

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