How To Tuesday #13 – Teaching the Old Dog a New Trick: Lightroom for Dummies and online photography education DIY-style.

After 15+ years of being a staunch Photoshop guy (I do remember Photoshop 1. I swear) I have just opened the Pandora’s Box of Lightroom. So many photographers around me have been using and enjoying the power of Lightroom’s editing, organization, and workflow for many years. I felt that it was time to integrate it into MY workflow since 2016 is the year of being proactive, forward thinking, and trying new things. So far I have been overwhelmed by the ease of use and organization Lightroom gives. Overwhelmed, in a good way…

1. I can integrate Keywords faster upon uploading fresh jobs
2. I can switch back and forth to Photoshop and my edits are saved in real time
3. I can save all of my edits and history and be able to jump to my iPad or iPhone and continue the edits!
4. I can’t stop downloading PRESETS. All along I realize I have been making my own presets but never really…saving them. Now I can start with a preset and tweak from there

I must sound like a kid who just discovered that someone had made automatic cars. “Hey! You don’t have to shift into gears, the car just DOES IT FOR YOU!”…C’mon kid – get w/ the program!

I used Photoshop for so long that I was comfortable in my comfort zone and didn’t feel I needed to know any more about editing. As I said, so comfortable. But as I‘ve also said before, 2016 is about being Proactive and Trying New Things. Here are a few great sources to learn NEW THINGS:

www.creativelive.com – One of the BEST sources of online creative content for learning. This site hires only the best instructors and uses their team of 2-3 camera persons and well integrated teaching displays to drive the message home. TIP: watch the free/live instruction and only buy it if you think you’ll need to access it more than once. Some tutorials have just enough info to be watched once, some require repeat views. I own multiple videos, I’m hooked.

www.adobe.com – We are paying these guys every month to use their software, so they better show us how to use it! And show us they do. Adobe has very easy to digest, short, and helpful videos to guide you through any software. TIP: Sit down. Open up your new software. Press Play. It’s that easy…(that’s what I did and I’m an OLD DOG remember!)

www.lynda.com – Here you can find free classes on multiple topics and also subscribe (pay) to open up new classes and content TIP: watch as much of the free content as possible and only opt in when you are ready to take your learning to the next level

www.zacksmith.com – You already have this one down! HOW TO TUESDAY is the ALL FREE greatest source of Techniques and Tips! TIP: Keep coming back it works if you work it!

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