Photo Set: The Historic Chalmette Battlefield in the Sunrise Fog. January 21, 2016

Living so close to the Mississippi River has its perks, and not to mention the plus side of an empty fog filled battlefield. The Historic Chalmette Battlefield rests on a bend of the Mississippi River just outside of New Orleans, and I visit this site at least twice a week at sunrise to photograph it’s evolution of light and texture. Lately when there have been drastic temperature changes in the area, the foggy Mississippi River empties out into the cool land of the Chalmette Battlefield. I have often thought of doing a photography workshop at the Chalmette Battlefield and Graveyard. If you are interested in this workshop – get on my mailing list and you’ll be the FIRST TO KNOW! You can see other workshops I have going on now by going HERE -> New Orleans Photography Workshops

Want to know how I take great fog photographs?

Let’s cut to the chase – you can’t just approach fog photography like you would bright sunlit street or landscape photography. There are so many contrasts in light, texture, and mood that need to be addressed to get the best photos of fog. In my opinion you need to “embrace the shadows” in exposure as you would if your goal was to create more contrast. Don’t overexpose the shadow areas, you want to underexpose them. If you shoot Aperture Priority or Shutter Priority you can set your Exposure Compensation to -2 stops and see where that gets you. As you start early in the morning you will want to have your ISO fairly high, but not maxing out as to create too much noise. As the sun rises and shoots through the fog you will want to decrease your ISO while continuing your underexposure technique. Got some great shots or some tips? Share them with me on this blog!

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