WGNO and Zack Smith help you Shoot the Supermoon!

To photograph the Supermoon anywhere, you need the right equipment at the right place and the right time. 

I was grateful to have WGNO’s News with a Twist producer JD take interest in my upcoming supermoon photography workshop in New Orleans. We met at Crescent Park and filmed a segment for an upcoming Photography Tips video.

You can view that here:


SIGN UP for the Workshop HERE! – https://www.zacksmith.com/new-orleans-supermoon-photography-workshop-2016/


TEXT From Article on WGNO.com:

Do you ever wonder why some pictures of the moon look outstanding, but yours just look fuzzy, blurry, or just really, really, small? Well the reason is probably your camera setup. According to Zack Smith, owner of Zack Smith Photography, you can’t just point and shoot to get that impressive picture.

“Our cameras are really smart, our smart phones are really smart. But what they want to do is give us an average scene,” he says. “When we’re photographing the moon, it’s anything but average. It’s dark and it’s bright and the camera has to pick one unless we put it on manual and spot meter and pick it ourselves.”

Zack has been working in photography for 19 years and knows a thing or two about getting that great shot. His number one tip? You have to have the right tools!...WATCH THE REST HERE


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