I wanted to share some of my favorite silhouette photographs over the last few years to give you a glimpse into the numerous situations you may find yourself in that warrant a silhouette. What I am trying to say is….Silhouettes are EVERYWHERE! If your intention is to silhouette your subject, then that should be your goal for the day. If you want to learn more about how I use silhouettes in a professional setting, see my most recent How To Tuesday and Click Here!

Find a Strong Subject with Good Shape. Make sure your background is reflecting MORE LIGHT, and just Expose for the Background. If your subject is reflecting back less light (or is darker) then you will get a silhouette right in the camera most of the time! 

Below are some of my favorite silhouettes through the years. Bellydancer Layla Isis, Tin Men, Tao Seeger and Ben Jaffe are just a few…click and enjoy!