I have been blogging actively since May 2006 and I recently was only able to see my last 20 posts!

Since I picked up a camera and started taking it seriously in 1997, I have always been about sharing. Whether my photos were hanging on a wall, in book, or online, I have felt that the story is not completed until it’s told. In the summer of 2006 I started a Google Blogger profile and started documenting my life through photographs, words, and links to various things I was interested in. 

Today blogging for me is not only about sharing my stories, it is an ongoing study in how to tell my story the right way. Blogging the “right way” for me today means: researching keywords, trending topics, and creating somewhat of a learning experience for the reader. My blog is my voice. My blog has everything to do with my brand and for the last 4 months in a row I have been posting helpful photography techniques and tips in my weekly segment “How To Tuesday”.

So last week when I noticed I could only see my last 20 posts on my blog, I was taken aback! Holy Shit all that hard work and it’s not easy to find??! Now, if you do some research you can find older posts by scrolling down the page and clicking the link: Older Posts—> but c’mon!

I couldn’t rest easy thinking about anyone that wanted to see my older posts had to really search for it. So, I did what any professional seeking advice would do….I GOOGLED it.

I found a few different links at the top of the thread and while most were helpful, having to scroll through the threads to find the answer took too long so I did the next best thing…I contacted Squarespace Chat and found my answers and it was so easy….

How To Set Up Your Squarespace Blog Archive and See Your Entire Post History!

Sorry for screaming but it’s really easy…

1.  Login to your Squarespace Account

2. Click EDIT on your Sidebar Content

3. Select a Content Block, and go to “Archive”

4. Select Your BLOG and Select How you Want It to be displayed!

There are a few ways that you can select your Blog to fall into that side column and I would just say to experiment with a few options and see which one you like