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Point and Shoot Review: Canon G7x “Looking for Patterns and Reflections on a Walk in the French Quarter of New Orleans”

Today I will review the Canon G7x point and shoot and how I use it for my personal and professional documentation

I have started to take my Canon G7x out with me wherever I go. Don’t get me wrong, I like my iPhone 6 because of it’s pocket-ability and quality, but the control I get in exposure, quality, and depth can’t be beat with the G7x. It took me a few outings with the camera before I could manipulate the features and dials without looking, and the quick key FUNCTION/SET button is an easy “go to” access point to many features you’ll be changing such as: White Balance, ISO, bracketing, self-timer, ND Filter, and Resolution.

I love the Touch Screen Auto Focus feature and use it often. I can set up my compositions with one hand, and use my finger to tap on the subject for a quick focus, then shoot. The screen is very sensitive and accurate, and not to mention super bright. In the photo above I was able to frame the composition as I wanted it, and instead of “focus and recompose”, I could just “Touch and Shoot” by touching the sign with one finger, and depressing the shutter with the other.

Another feature I love about this camera, and one of the main reasons I bought this model, is the fast 1.8 aperture lens. At the camera’s widest focal length (8.8cm/24mm) you can access the 1.8 aperture and all it’s soft depth of field glory but as you zoom in, the aperture will stop down all the way to 2.8. NOT BAD THOUGH! I was able to utilize this feature in conjunction with the Touch Point AF on these following images. The camera was having a hard time auto focusing on the reflections in the distance and focusing on the glass pane or the metal panel instead. Here’s where Touch AF comes in handy!

 I could touch my finger on the exact reflection I wanted! With so many lines and contrast, my cameras AF didn't know what to do until I told it!
I could touch my finger on the exact reflection I wanted! With so many lines and contrast, my cameras AF didn’t know what to do until I told it!
 Here's another example of the lovely shallow depth and Touch AF
Here’s another example of the lovely shallow depth and Touch AF

The Canon G7x also has built in WiFi and an app for smartphones which allows me to send my full res (or downsized) image straight over to my phone! I love this feature when I am out on location posting to my Instagram, Facebook, or this very blog! This feature is VERY EASY to use! Take a look at this Gallery from my Walk in the French Quarter on Sunday, Canon G7x at my side…

Aside from being able to manually control Shutter Speed and Aperture, the Canon G7x has some really cool built in features and presets such as: Night Scene, Stars (which is great for Star Trails see my post from Akumal, Mexico!) Macro, Fish-Eye, Miniature, and Toy Effect. Here I show the last three effects on a cool star light we have –

All in all, I love the Canon G7x size, usability for both manual and auto features, and it’s durability was a nice bonus feature. The design and look of the G7x is sleek and fits my hand perfectly. 

I also love how small the camera is, and how it allows me to walk around and be personable with people while I am documenting the world. Lugging around a big camera can be daunting, but also distracting to people you meet. Having this small powerful camera on my allows me to be myself and meet people but at the same time take high quality photos to help other people get the word out! I shot these photos from New Orleans’ Super Sunday 2016 as I walked around meeting the food vendors and getting to know their menus! OH…and the G7x also has a Flip Screen to take your best well composed selfie!

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