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“Americana Music Triangle” juried exhibition selects “Goldman Thibodeaux, Lawtell, LA” to be exhibited at the Jazz and Heritage Festival
Creole “la-la” musician Goldman Thibodeaux at home in Lawtell, LA. ©2015 Zack Smith

I am honored to have my photograph of Goldman Thibodeaux chosen by Sacha Lecca, Chief Deputy Photo Editor at Rolling Stone, for the “Americana Music Triangle” exhibition. The exhibit is a partnership with The New Orleans Photo Alliance and it will be showing at the Grandstand photo exhibit at the 2016 New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, April 22nd – May 1st.

I am excited for so many reasons, more importantly because of the fact that I will attend Jazz Fest on the day Goldman plays the Fais Do Do Stage and walk with him to the exhibit as a participant at Jazz Fest and not a staff photographer. This marks the first year I will not be shooting Jazz Fest as a staff photographer or for a publication, and it marks a year of gratitude and joy for the opportunities that led me to that decision.

This image has so much to do with that decision in that being able to do the My Louisiana Muse project (which this image is an excerpt from) allowed me to tap into some powerful storytelling momentums I had been missing in life. I was allowed to follow my own inspirations which led me to new relationships, business opportunities, and new directions. For this, I am grateful. 

On Friday, April 22nd at 1:30 poet Darrell Bourque will be interviewing Goldman at the Alison Minor Music Heritage Stage –Goldman Thibodeaux The rural Creole “la-la” legacy of Amédé Ardoin interviewer: Darrell Bourque” – see you there!!

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