New Course! Photography Portfolio and Project Mentorship with Zack Smith Photography

I am very excited to get back in the fold at the New Orleans Academy of Fine Art with this wonderful new course. After taking a semester off from teaching at NOAFA, I am once again ready to share some knowledge I have gained over the last few years that could help photographers of all levels with gaining a new focus and passion on their current projects, or help jumpstart a new photographic endeavor.

This course will be based on my philosophy of “Intention in Capture and Purpose in Presentation”. This way of thinking about your work will help you determine the “why” of photography when putting together ideas for a new project. Determining our goals and the “why” of any project will give us a clear direction of how we can tell this new story as well as help us even determine basic settings like aperture and lens choice! The aesthetic philosophy can help guide your technical decisions for any photograph. After we learn the “why” it’s important to learn the “where”…like “where” will these photographs be seen? How will the photographs and the new body of work bee seen? 

This class is not geared towards helping you learn how to use your camera. This class is about helping guide you towards telling a better story through identifying your goals, execution, and implementation of a final product. We will view images you have shot for any current projects and there will be live class critiques of your work and weekly assignments. 

7 Weeks beginning June 7th from 9a-12p and will run for 6 weeks. You are to bring with you digital files or prints of your current project or projects. You do not need to have a current project to begin this class.

The Intention of our project and the Purpose of our images can guide us to direct a more cohesive and strong visual story. I hope to see you this summer!

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