The Bywater Barber Photo Gallery: When Good People Do Good Things…People Gather.
 This is one content barber...hard work pays off at FACTOTUM Barber Shop in the Bywater. 

This is one content barber…hard work pays off at FACTOTUM Barber Shop in the Bywater. 

Happiness Is Contagious. Bless You.

There’s something contagious about happiness, the kind of happiness you see on a strangers face when they aren’t looking or the slight buzz you get when you are around someone who has found their place. Happiness is a state of mind brought on by years of hard work and enjoyed in small moments of truth. 

 Why get a logo by  Erik with a K ? Because they

Why get a logo by Erik with a K ? Because they’re damn beautiful that’s why…

The truth is, I recently booked a haircut with my friend Jason’s new Barber shop in the Bywater, FACTOTUM. You know when someone’s put in the work and is right where they need to be? That would be Jason and FACTOTUM. As I arrived he was finishing the haircut of a gentleman in a wheelchair, a friend of the neighborhood over there on Piety St. Jason took his time with the fellow, and even wheeled him across the street, where he sat until I was done with mine.

There’s new things happening in the Bywater. New owners of old establishments, new homes being moved into while old friends move out. Change and evolution of any place is inevitable. That’s New Orleans now – changing, growing, expanding, contracting. People moving and building their dreams trying to make things better for themselves and their families. Enjoy this gallery of a place built by hard work, run by a very happy guy, and book your appointment now ya hairy goon.

All photographs ┬ęZack Smith Photography May 2016. No unauthorized use or downloads please.

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