36 Hours in North Carolina – My advice? Get Lost To Get Found

Yes, I am ready for it all to end. I have been away from home 3 weekends in a row and I have to say I miss my wife, my dog, and our oasis in St. Bernard Parish. It all started with Labor Day Weekend shooting Bayou Country Superfest at Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge. Every year this is the weekend it first starts feeling REALLY HOT. Add in the hot pavement around the stadium, and 12 hour shooting days, then you have a backbreaker of a weekend. (SEE Gallery HERE) To add insult to injury, all the music sounds the same coming out of a different face on the stage. I don’t want to get carried away at what I think about today’s “country” music, but I was more than happy the weekend after that to be playing music in New York. You can read all about that weekend here…

This Saturday and Sunday I was in the small town of Brevard, North Carolina to photograph a friend’s wedding and I took it upon myself to walk around the beautiful campus of The Brevard School of Music Center where the wedding took place. The campus is amazing and straight out of Sleepaway Camp or Friday the 13th without all the murder and sound effects. Replace the macabre with ducks, clear ponds, pristine wooded hills and serenity..and there you have it. On my way back to the airport I decided to wake up early and get lost driving through Henderson County on my way up to The Dupont State Recreation area, Triple Falls waterfall, and the 1945 constructed home of American hero, and poet, Carl Sandburg. Not bad for a few hours on the way home…



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