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POP…SPARKLE….and FADE – 4th of July Fireworks Photography Recap

Zack Smith Photography Workshops fireworks Photo Gallery Showcase

Last night’s 4th of July fireworks display was epic. Big kudos to Go 4th On The River’s Dueling Barge show and all the sponsors who made it happen. Zack Smith Photography Workshops got a HUGE boost from the folks at The French Market Corporation and Crescent Park for securing us an excellent viewing area! Be on the lookout for more images coming from our 10 lucky workshop photographers but I hope these will tide you over!

I have included the Exposures for these photos so you know how shutter speed affects the trails of each firework…the longer the shutter speed, the longer the tail.

  320 / 30 seconds / f20 / 40mm / 5DMKIII

  ISO 320 / f13 / 20 seconds / 21mm / 5DMKIII

  ISO 320 / f13 / 8 seconds / 85mm / 5DMKIII

  ISO 320 / f13 / 8 seconds / 85mm / 5DMKIII

  ISO 320 / f22 / 30 seconds / 40mm / Canon 5DMKIII

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