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New Orleans’ Musical Magic Hour in Pictures – Only the Best from Satchmo Fest 2016

I am always looking for the “magic” moment – when subject, background, composition and story come together in a way that sings of a depth way beyond first glance. I am always observing the moment when documenting a music festival in New Orleans, but I am always keeping a keen eye out for what may happen next, or what could happen if all goes right. Aside from my duties to my client to tell the story of their event, I am always trying to find the deeper layers to any moment and get “one for me”. 

Every day at the Satchmo Fest 2016 had it’s highlights and here I’ll show you mine…

If you’ve followed this blog you’ve seen my favorites of each day. Here are the links again to Friday, and Saturday. Here in this blog post are some more photographs from each of those days plus my best from Sunday. I hope you enjoy this post and if you do –  please share this link to your friends, pages, and your blog!

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