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How To Tuesday #36 : #collaboratelouisiana There’s ripe talent in Louisiana to help you do what you do

We are truly blessed to have great artists in our midst Louisiana. A few great folks have helped me in the last few years get my businesses vision, brand, and voice heard on multiple levels. Tom Williams for getting the party started w/ logo design and especially Scott Campbell for my new How To Tuesday logo and brand logo. Big thanks to Britt King for the making the coolest animation of my logo for use on my youtube channel, and Voice Monet for helping me get my Twitter and Youtube game to a level that people can actually see what I’m doing.

In this ever changing landscape of social media marketing and finding out new ways to reach your audiences, it’s good to know there are amazing artists right here living next you to that can help on that journey. The most important things you need can be done by the people right next to you – create community.#collaboratelouisiana

Here’s a joint effort by all mentioned…

Explore Zack's Jazz Museum Exhibit


New Orleans photographer Zack Smith’s portraits of Louisiana musicians, artists, and fans are currently on display at the New Orleans Jazz Museum.

Discover the captivating world of jazz through Zack’s lens. 

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