Preservation Hall. They do it Right. Every. Damn. Night
 Jeffrey Hills of the Preservation Hall Brass Band knows. He

Jeffrey Hills of the Preservation Hall Brass Band knows. He’s got his hand on the window…

Alive in New Orleans right now
can’t be explained by science
it must be felt inside us

I love history. I love reading about it, I seek out documentaries about influential personalities and world power, wars and renaissance. History is alive in New Orleans yet l feel we only get a glimpse through a small crack in the window of the words of our old city. We never see the whole picture of the past and even in the present, we don’t always get the full story.

Really being alive in this city and getting to tap into it’s pulse now and again is something I truly miss and enjoy it when I can. I felt that pulse again while watching The Preservation Hall Brass Band last Friday while documenting a birthday party. The staff and the musicians there do it right…they have an assuring grip on the window to the past, and know just how to hold it open enough and let us see a truth that they know so well. 

Do yourself a favor…see a show at The Hall…they do it Right….Every. Damn. Night.

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