How to Tuesday #38: Creativity abounds at the Louisiana Photography Society in Baton Rouge. Watch my talk on “Using the Free Light First” to get your best portraits yet..


There is a vibrant, engaging, and creative photographic community in the Baton Rouge area. I was honored to be the guest speaker for the Louisiana Photographic Society’s monthly meeting in Baton Rouge last week and I was blown away at the amount of folks that showed up and filled the Goodwood Library theatre on a Thursday night. After my talk on “Using the Free Light First” I stuck around and took part in their photo contest, something they do every month, and saw some truly wonderful photography. 

Over the last few months Baton Rouge has been tested. From the police shooting deaths, riots, and recent flooding that devastated so many homes and business and uprooted lives, the people of Baton Rouge have been through so much. So seeing that many photographers, image makers, and visual artists in that room made me feel very special. Photography is powerful as a storyteller of all things external and internal.  Photography is a communicator, reaching out amongst a community to help, heal, and create. Thank you LPS for letting me see the strength of our community…

I hope you enjoy my talk, I had the sense to Facebook Live the entire talk and the camera didn’t stop, fall, or take a call from a salesman. Go figure! Go enjoy “Using the Free Light First” and SUBSCRIBE to my YOUTUBE Channel!



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