Mardi Gras: A Feast for the Senses for it is the Playground of Creatives…
 Winners...my favorite costumes were these two
Winners…my favorite costumes were these two “House Ornament” lions…

Mardi Gras 2017 Photo Gallery: #Colourgasm

Photographs really do tell a story don’t they? One photograph can say so many different things to many people, and a series of images may tell one singular story so well, that we all agree. I hope you take a second to look at these images and agree with me –

Mardi Gras is a feast for the senses because it is the playground of the creatives…

If you just took a second to look around you, take it all in, you realized that New Orleans was one heartbeat, one song, one love on Mardi Gras day. It was something I had sorely missed after 3 years not participating in the revelry. Yes, I had put together some great marching bands for Chewbacchus and Krewe Du Vieux but that was more like creative WORK rather than creative PLAY. And I was due for some play. 

Being able to create a costume with my family meant the world to me, as this was our daughter Vega’s 1st Mardi Gras day (definitely not her 1st parade…she’s a pro). My wife and her dressed as slick Owl’s and I the moss laden tree. At the last minute I abandoned the costume for the easy of use carrying the “dad bag” full of baby needs and wants, and my camera. In year’s past partying took precedent over bringing out my good working cameras, but today was different and it had to be documented. 


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