“Build Your Brand” Content Creation, SEO Marketing, and Finding Your Philosophy as an Entrepreneur
 Thank you to the

Thank you to the “Grow St. Bernard” class at the St. Bernard Economic Development Foundations series. I enjoyed talking about “Build Your Brand” using high quality content and SEO marketing! PHOTO: SBEDF/Grow St. Bernard

I was recently honored with the opportunity to talk to a wonderful group of St. Bernard Parish business owners and entrepreneurs as part of the Grow St. Bernard initiative. 

Grow St. Bernard, a new seminar series, is from the St. Bernard Economic Development Foundation and the St. Bernard Chamber, and it offers professional insight on a variety of topics important to emerging and growing businesses.  The educational series encourages business owners and professionals to turn information into action; and participants will benefit from learning and sharing with the cohort of small businesses.  The 2017 series includes presentations, panels, and workshops from notable guest speakers on everything from business planning to marketing and beyond. 

I was so happy when they asked me to present on “Build Your Brand” and talk about the ways I have incorporated my brand and marketing philosophy into how I use social media and my website to drive traffic and generate leads and followers.

Did you know St. Bernard Parish is home to one of the highest percentage of locally owned businesses in the Greater New Orleans region? Another reason why I love living in Louisiana! Grow St. Bernard is an effort developed to provide business owners and professionals with the practical skills necessary to grow their company with limited resources and staffing.  Participants who complete the program will gain valuable knowledge of current trends and best practices for operating a business successfully.  Participation is open to all individuals regardless of location or occupation.  Love this, and I loved every minute of talking with business owners about why quality content is essential in promoting and marketing their businesses brand, products, and services.

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 The May 2nd group from Grow St. Bernard! PHOTO SBDEF/Grow St. Bernard

The May 2nd group from Grow St. Bernard! PHOTO SBDEF/Grow St. Bernard

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