Check out my latest Timelapse videos from my photoshoots!

Lighting large groups with strobes!

I have had this continuing portrait client for a few years now, photographing a very large group outside with multiple strobes. Paul B. Habans in New Orleans is the most laid back teachers I have ever met and they make a complex lighting scheme very easy and fun. It’s always different how to light for large groups and how to mix natural light and strobes, but once you do it for the same client in the same place, it gets easy!

Product photography in the studio!

When life gives you beans you do a photoshoot! Really on top of your game? You TIMELAPSE! I had 20+ bags of beans to shoot in my studio on Magazine Street in New Orleans so why not timelapse the process. You can see more about how I lit the beans and how I created a custom photoshoot workflow for this by SUBSCRIBING to my Youtube channel – GO HERE

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