Chewbacchus Mardi Gras Photography Gallery: It’s a Psychadelic Prism Party

How to photograph in the rain? JUST DO IT.

Saturday night Margaret Orr, Carl Arredondo and all the weather casters called for %70 rain starting at the exact time the Chewbacchus parade was supposed to roll. In my many years teaching outdoor photography workshops in New Orleans and playing the “rain waiting game” I always default to my stick it out or die mantra: “you don’t get reflections without the rain”

Myself and a fearless group of 10 photographers joined together in faith the rain would halt for our 3 mile march in the parade, and it did. What came of our interior view of the most creative walking parade during Carnival is nothing short of fantastic. I wanted to share my documentation of the parade through the lens of my minimalist old school creative team of my Canon 5D Mark IV, 40mm 2.8 ‘pancake’ lens and my left hand gripping my Fractal Filter set.

Mardi Gras is best photographed through a twisted lens…

In my almost 20 years of photographing the many layers of a New Orleans Mardi Gras, my most treasured photographs are the years I took my creativity to task. In 2003 I brought out only my Holga camera and never too one exposure as I only created exposures using full rolls. In 2008 I only brought out one Lensbaby. This year I had my 40mm 2.8 which I used exclusively with my Fractal Filters and absolutely LOVED the outcome…so come with me on my Psychadelic Prism Party at Chewbacchus 2018!

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