INTERVIEW: Talking social media, photography, the “full buyout” and branding in the ‘new’ New Orleans

I was honored to have been a recent guest on the acclaimed and long running podcast “It’s a Good Life Babe” where hosts Geoff and Joel sit down with New Orleans makers, movers, and shakers at their living room table to talk shop. I was more candid than I ever have been in an interview, talking opening about photography rates, social media, business headshots, and my new studio on Magazine Street. We talked openly, off the cuff, and let it all hang out on this podcast. I hope you will listen! 

We even touched upon my exciting upcoming New Orleans Photography Experience Workshop and why it’s important to “credit the culture” – CLICK HERE to learn more about that…then listen below!

Being a New Orleans creative means being able to balance the business of photography and the creativity of the spirit.

What I most enjoy about what I do, solving the visual problem and creating the dream for my clients (thank you Frank Relle), has everything to with being given the opportunity to listen. I have the unique opportunity to listen to people, mostly strangers of different ilk, explain their dreams and desires of how they and their brand want to look. Only given a few context clues, I must then sleuth around their mind using contextual words and images to bring out the true vision. Sound complicated…it’s not. Business branding, lifestyle photography, fine art and even headshots can be rewarding to both sides in terms of delivery of goods (photos) and services (the actual photo shoot) when done right. I hope you’ll listen to the podcast and comment here!

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