VIDEO:How To Creatively Do Product Photography In Your Studio or Home

I continue to count the blessings that shine on my life since I have moved my studio to Magazine Street. It has been a rewarding experience being able to do business headshots in New Orleans for so many entrepreneurs, business owners, attorneys, and realtors while getting to hear their stories and learn about their profession. One of those other blessings is meeting the talented and hard working hat maker Colby Hebert from New Iberia. Meeting that guy and hearing that accent I knew the block would be c’est bon.

We have been talking about photographing his one of a kind hand made hats for some time, and just being the kind of guy I am – decided to make this a big deal. Colby has some hats, I got a studio – and if you joined us on Wednesday, June 6th at 11am on my FACEBOOK business page YOU saw how I setup for a product shoot, light the hats, and make Colby’s hats look as good in person on the camera.


Canon 5DmkIV / 85mm 1.8 EF lens

Exposure: 1/200 / ISO400 / f5.6

Key Light: Paul C Buff Einstein head, 1/8th power

Modifier: Paul C Buff 36″ octabank, diffuser, NO grid, 45º pointed down to subject, 5ft away.

Backlight: Paul C Buff 24″ softbox, diffuser AND 5 in 1 diffuser set at 1/32nd power


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