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Medical Residency headshots made easy in the Big Easy

February 26, 2019

My New Orleans Medical Residency Headshot Workflow

Having a professional headshot when working in the medical residency industry or applying for a program is vital to being chosen and accepted. At Zack Smith Photography, I get many requests for Medical Residency and Residency Application headshots and I love using the folks at Fix The Photo FixThePhoto to aid me in my editing workflow.

What to edit when working with Medical Residency headshots?

Did you know on average you are 10 times more likely to be chosen if you have a good-looking headshot image? On the example of two professional headshots taken at my studio, I did the color correction editing before I sent them to Fix the Photo for hair fly away and backgrounds. Their main purpose is to offer high-quality and affordable headshot photo editing services to all medical residency candidates to help make their chances of landing their dream residency higher.

 ZSMITH-2017-10-18-5730 before.jpg
 Screen Shot 2019-02-26 at 12.03.05 PM.png
 Screen Shot 2019-02-26 at 12.12.55 PM.png

I have enjoyed a long-time working relationship with Fixthephoto.com, and their editor’s level of expertise is unmatched. My business is located in Uptown New Orleans, Louisiana and there is no shortage of clients that are looking for the perfect headshot to promote their brand and business. I have recently sent a lot of my Medical Residency headshots to Fixthephoto to help with hair flyaways and skin retouching. A well-crafted and professional headshot is the first impression a potential employer sees of these medical students and I need the photos to look their best.

Medical Residency Headshot Photo Editing Tips for Beginners

It’s vitally important for you to show confidence, intelligence, and approachability in your headshot. These first impressions about you are being made in 1/10th of a second, so make sure your headshot is of high quality. Usually, your headshot is shown on a large monitor in front of a group of people, so it should be saved in high resolution and without distracting flaws. Having a headshot without professional lighting and a white background can seriously make your photo of low quality.

First of all, a white background or light grey background is always an advantage for placing your headshot on websites or attaching to documents. It allows you to concentrate the attention of viewers completely on you. You should remove all unnecessary objects from the background and yourself. Another useful photo editing step is cropping. The second important step is photo color correction. Tones and hues play a vital role in headshot photo editing and you should adjust the white balance, contrast, and brightness settings to make your headshot look perfect. It also helps remove unnatural skin color and makes white color realistically white. If necessary, you can also do skin retouching: remove blemishes, reddish spots, etc. Frequency separation in Photoshop is the best method to make natural but perfect skin texture.

As you work with a portrait, you should make eyes bright, teeth white, remove flyaway hair/add volume, add digital make-up (be careful with this step), make glasses glare correction or even body/face reshaping. Another important action is to make clothes smooth. This may seem like alot to do and think about, but at Zack Smith Photography studio I

After doing headshot photo editing, don’t forget about the photo format and its specifications. Last but certainly not least, make sure your headshot conforms to the website/document specifications!

New Orleans Business Headshot of the Month: Ryan Rogers

February 22, 2019


Ryan Rogers is a realtor at Reclaimed Realty NOLA, and actually a long time friend. Ryan recently approached me about collaborating and producing some new and unique business headshots for his website and social media. Being that Ryan wanted to show different sides of his personality, we decided to do both photographs at my studio at 4514 Magazine, then head over to do some more “environmental” portraits at the Auction House NOLA in the Warehouse District. Here’s a quote from Ryan that I like, and I hope you look him up when buying a home in New Orleans!

“I take my clients and my profession as a Realtor seriously. It is a very big responsibility guiding first-time buyers through the uncharted waters of their first home purchase or helping real estate investors make difficult decisions and so I never take that responsibility lightly. I’m not an uptight guy, I provide a casual friendly service. I am a facilitator helping buyers and sellers make informed choices while giving them perspective.”

Photographing Mardi Gras in New Orleans with the Krewe of Chewbacchus

February 12, 2019

In my 5th year photographing the amazing Chewbacchus parade, I don’t think I have seen this many people in the parade and along the parade route. I can only expect that they broke records in krewe attendance and parade watchers. The streets of the Marigny and especially Frenchmen St. were packed 5 and 6 rows deep with people gawking at the sci-fi themed parade. I slimmed down my gear for this parade and only brought my Canon G7x – and here are a few of my favorite shots.


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