Month: June 2020

One on One with Zack Smith: Filmmaker Crista Rock

June 20, 2020

One on One with Zack Smith: New Orleans filmmaker, photojournalist, and muralist Crista Rock! I have been knowing Crista for long time and it was only up until the last few years that I have seen her talent truly shine…where have I been! Well – consider yourself SERVED with creative angles, powerful stories and damn those Converging Lines! Look, Like, and Share!

I have always thought that storytelling through photography is the most powerful medium available to create change and connect with people. In the growing culture of Insgrammers, Twitter-photogs, and Facebook image makers we now have a shortened road from story capture to the audience ingest. The monetary barrier to entry in the digital photography space is getting lower and lower while the quality and resolution of the cameras are increasing. This momentum has leveled off in the last 3 years or so, but camera manufactures keep evolving camera ergonomics, internal image editing feature, wifi abilities and more things that don’t really make us “better” photographers.

As I see this trend continuing, what you don’t see is an exponential increase in talented, seasoned, and humble storytellers. And that’s just how the world works…it takes time to hone your skills, it take hours and hours (Malcom Gladwell says 10,000 hours) to create confidence and become an expert. I think what you have in Crista Rock is an expert in fields of listening, capturing, and delivering the truth. She’s been at it 20+ years and her work is one of a seasoned antennae collecting and delivering stories that help us see ourselves as we are. More please….

One on One with Zack Smith: Photographer Lucius Fontenot

June 20, 2020

One on One with Zack Smith Photography Episode #1 is in the books…thanks to my buddy and all around one of my favorite photographers Lucius Fontenot. When I say favorite – I mean that – I always look forward to what Lucius is photographing as he is always telling the stories I am interested in and want to hear.

I am doing ZOOM interviews with photographers I want to catch up with and check in on. I hope you enjoy this, share, and visit Lucius’ website (see video!)

One on One with Zack Smith: Macro Photography with David Scarbrough

June 20, 2020

One on One with Zack Smith Photography #2 is here – Up close (1:1 and 4:1 – haha) with photographer David Scarbrough – BokehNola Photography – and we got into some detail about is stellar macro photography. Look and share!

One on One with Zack Smith: Photographer Kathy Anderson

June 10, 2020

If you live in New Orleans, LA or Orleans, France you have seen Kathy Anderson’s photos…trust me! Kathy is a photojournalist, wedding and portrait photographer who works and creates in New Orleans but her images and stories are seen worldwide.

Her photographs were the way you saw and felt the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in the streets and in our citizen’s lives. Kathy has a way of making people feel at ease, even so much that a litter of kitten’s could just lay on your lap. Her image of Zydeco great Buckwheat Zydeco (Stanley Dural Jr.) being inundated by newborn kittens is one of my favorite musician portraits ever.

It is tough to be versatile AND talented…

Kathy really does it all, does it all with an ease that makes you jealous. When you can “make space” for kings and soothe the wired nerves of a bride on her most important day AND shoot with technical perfection you know this is a recipe for greatness. In my short talks with Kathy over the last few years with the local ASMP chapter, she carries with her an elevated ease of life, and jovial sense of being.

I have always said that being a good person and having a mastery of your camera is the perfect combination for a career in photography, if you choose it. It’s not the most lucrative, it’s hard work, and it’s ups and downs but being a successful photographer is seen in the subjects one captures…and you see that in Kathy’s.

GTMP: How to use Adjustment Brushes in Adobe Lightroom

June 4, 2020

Sometimes a big sweeping global edit is not the right touch your photo needs. The adjustment brush in Lightroom allows you to make fine tuned and calculated edits to any portion of your image with ease!

I remember the days when Photoshop was all you had to make minor but very important edits to your portrait photography and landscape images. It was tough! With the onset of the automatically updated Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC – you can have such new powerful editing tools at your fingertips.

I used a few of my favorite New Orleans stock photographs to show you how I use Lightroom adjustment brushes to edit. Enjoy!

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