August 16, 2006
Lately I've been flying alot. And everytime we take off, until the 'free to roam' announcement happens, I stare out the window. 9 times out of 10 I have a window seat. Glued to...
Cold Storage
August 4, 2006
I dig Airline Highway. I take that old Hwy 61 if I have some time to kill when I go west - and my eyes are never on the road. They wander. Looking for new locations, new photos...
The Race is On
July 28, 2006
One of my favorite Super Sunday's (y'all know about that from a previous P of the W) was 2 years ago. Belly full of hash browns, pancakes, and bloody mary's, our crew descended...
The Hair and There
July 11, 2006
A few weeks ago I took a job documenting a special clean-up effort in Cameron Parish, but the entire crew and bands associated with the touring Vans-Warped Tour. When I first met...
3 Doors
June 23, 2006
Sometimes I'll just drive, with a few rolls of film, and go to a familiar place. But the way I get to this place is different than my normal route, thus altering my 'normal' day....
2006 Super Sunday at Purple Rain
June 12, 2006
Every year, every spring (particular days subject to change due to weather, or tribal temperment), New Orleans is graced by the colorful marching of Indian tribes in Super Sunday...
On Fire
May 13, 2006
St Mary/ChestnutOld house just went up in flames about :30 ago and was there b4 some trucks....no one was...