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Business Branding and Lifestyle Photography in New Orleans: Your story is the lead character!
headshot photographer New Orleans shoots in natural light
Leslie Hooper and her dog Dexter, photographed at Zack Smith Photography Studio

Your face is your brand and your story is the lead character. I bet you never thought about your business that way before right? In the last four years photographing headshots at my studio on Magazine Street I have been amazed and in awe at the variety of ways that business owners seek to promote their brand. The easiest way for a potential client to identify someone’s business is by their name and their face. For most business owners, it’s not just as easy as putting your face out there, so there has to be a variety of images to tell your story.

Studio headshots and a mix of natural light photography can help diversify your brand.

Simple studio headshots

Less is really more and you can say a lot without being over styled or just visually messy. A combination of indoor simplicity and outdoor scenes can round out a business headshot or New Orleans portrait session in under one hour. I have finally figured out a way to get you in and out of my studio in an hour while giving you creative photography options based on your brand needs.

Headshots should be relaxed and show that side of you when the cameras aren’t out.

Being in the business of making people feel comfortable in uncomfortable situations is what I do well. I have been working with strangers for over 20 years to give them their best images.

Deanna Causey chose her headshot in natural light at City Park in New Orleans

Your brand identity is important and your headshots and lifestyle photography should reflect that, but most of all it should reflect who YOU are. In this stressful and unprecedented COVID19 world we live in, safety is still my number one goal, and I have repeatedly made my studio and shooting environments just that. Safe and Creative. As a New Orleans headshot photographer I value the role I have in solving your visual problem, give me a call or schedule a consultation soon!

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