Address: 4514 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA 70115

New E-commerce store photography for New Orleans Tourism site!

Did you know the City of New Orleans has merch? No, not merchandise like mardi gras beads, hurricane cups from Pat O’s or hangovers. The city’s creative side offers stuff like T-shirts, tricentennial pins, and tote bags and I was honored to photograph the collection for their new e-commerce site. In doing so, I was able to recruit some good friends and meet some new young models in shooting a few days of studio and location portrait photography. As usual, I rented studio space at my favorite place in town – NOLA Spaces on Toledano St.

Being able to work with friends in a low stress environment creating content for the City of New Orleans?? Pinch me I am still dreaming. This is a dream job for me, it really is. Actually the last 6 months have been so busy for my business and the same time fueling my creative site in the most balancing way. It’s hard to keep up this blog with current content with all the stuff going on. I will try my best to keep you in the loop..but for now – the City Of New Orleans online store is open – click on the photo below to come in!

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