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New Tech Update: New gear and portrait photography during Halloween in New Orleans

Me….using my Canon Camera Connect before family portraits on Halloween. I am agreeing with the app.

Me….using my Canon Camera Connect before family portraits on Halloween. I am agreeing with the app.

What better time to try out some new gear than at the greatest portrait holiday ever? Yes you guessed it, Halloween. I don’t know about anywhere else, but in New Orleans we take Halloween seriously. Wether you are going to the store at 6am or picking up your trashcans at 6pm, if it’s October 31st you better be in costume.

Halloween is a feast for the senses, especially for a portrait photographer in New Orleans. Everywhere you go there are some of the most amazing costumes and everyone is acting out their favorite superhero, or not so super super hero right in front of you. What better time to try out some new gear!

Hands on with new gear at Photo Plus and Sony

I recently got back from a trip to Photo Plus in New York where I go to try out many new products from some of the leading photography brands in the world. I had always wanted to attend a photography trade show but my schedule wouldn’t allow. When I found out that Sony was having their Creative Space right across the street, I could’t say no.


I got to try out the new Sony cameras and shoot at a few of their setups and scenes as well as hear first hand from Sony photographers Miguel Quiles and Brooke Shaden about their creative workflow. I also got to visit the Lensbaby booth at Photo Plus and get some hands on shooting with the Omni Creative Filter System. I liked this pack so much, I bought one and had to try it out for Halloween!

Creative portrait photography and storytelling made easy

I love how easily the lens filter system fits my lens, and the magnetic holders allow you to adjust your selected filter to go hands-free so you can create! Trust me I love my prisms and Get Fractal filters (see more on How To Shoot With Prisms) but I do like how you don’t have to constantly hold them in front of you. Kudos to Lens Baby for thinking of this magnet system.



After getting used to the prism filter and the other two (you can see which one I like more..) I decided it was time to unleash them on haunted streets of New Orleans.


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