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One on One with Zack Smith: Photographer Kathy Anderson

If you live in New Orleans, LA or Orleans, France you have seen Kathy Anderson’s photos…trust me! Kathy is a photojournalist, wedding and portrait photographer who works and creates in New Orleans but her images and stories are seen worldwide.

Her photographs were the way you saw and felt the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in the streets and in our citizen’s lives. Kathy has a way of making people feel at ease, even so much that a litter of kitten’s could just lay on your lap. Her image of Zydeco great Buckwheat Zydeco (Stanley Dural Jr.) being inundated by newborn kittens is one of my favorite musician portraits ever.

It is tough to be versatile AND talented…

Kathy really does it all, does it all with an ease that makes you jealous. When you can “make space” for kings and soothe the wired nerves of a bride on her most important day AND shoot with technical perfection you know this is a recipe for greatness. In my short talks with Kathy over the last few years with the local ASMP chapter, she carries with her an elevated ease of life, and jovial sense of being.

I have always said that being a good person and having a mastery of your camera is the perfect combination for a career in photography, if you choose it. It’s not the most lucrative, it’s hard work, and it’s ups and downs but being a successful photographer is seen in the subjects one captures…and you see that in Kathy’s.

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