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One on One with Zack Smith: Photographer Saddi Khali

A mutual respect and visual kinship have existed between photographer, healer, and storyteller Saddi Khali and I long before I even knew how talented a lensman he was. I am honored to have had this sit down with a genuine human being just being genuinely human. Saddi is doing amazing things with the camera to heal and teach in ways that enlightens me, and hopefully you, to the potential of our shared passion.

In around 2003 I started to hear about Saddi through a mutual friend, Blake Haney owner of Dirty Coast. Saddi at that time was a local, and popular, poet who frequented the early poetry slam scene in New Orleans. Well, as with everyone in our lives in 2005, Katrina altered your life journey. Since 2005 Saddi has been mobile, wandered, and is considered well world travelled mostly because of his camera…and his words.

See more of his work on his Instagram page: instagram.com/saddikhaliphotos/

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