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My Heart and Soul – Video Production in New Orleans
To those of you that actually read this stuff…I want to share with you the essence of collaboration in my journey as a videographer and how it shapes the heart and soul of each commercial video I produce. As you know I have been a still photographer for over 25 years, and being able to tell a captivating story with a single frame is how I started this journey.
As I evolve as a storyteller and expand my business services, the moving picture has more and more moved me to create. So much has changed but so much is the same.  From understanding my clients’ visions to infusing the spirit of New Orleans and it’s amazing landscapes, let’s take a look at how the power of collaboration brings magic to my projects.

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Getting to Know You:

As I kick start each project, getting to know my clients is the first step. I listen, ask questions, and understand their dreams and goals. This allows me to align my expertise with their vision, ensuring the final video speaks their language and resonates with their audience.

Embracing Your Story:

Every brand and business has a unique story to tell. Whether you are a local or international coffee brand client or a fitness and diet expert, I’m all about capturing that essence on camera. I do believe that your personal and professional journey deserves to be showcased in an authentic and down-to-earth way. It’s truly the most important thing that sets you apart from your competitor.

Infusing New Orleans' Energy:

Being in the heart of New Orleans, I can’t help but infuse the city’s energy and landscapes into our videos. The pulsating streets, soul born music, and diverse culture become an organic part of our storytelling. I have made such a large part of my business focus in finding the right locations and collaborating with the best team to bring your vision to life.

Bringing Creativity to the Table:

Collaboration opens the doors to creativity. I encourage my clients to bring their ideas and desires to the table, no matter how wild or subtle they may seem. We brainstorm together, experiment, and find innovative ways to tell their stories through visuals.

Tailoring to Your Audience:

Understanding the target audience is vital in producing a video that connects. Collaborating with my clients helps me grasp who they want to reach and what message they want to convey. This way, we craft a video that speaks directly to their audience’s hearts.

Simplifying Complexity:

Commercial video production can seem daunting, but with effective collaboration, we simplify the process. I break down the technical jargon and guide my clients through each step, making it a smooth and stress-free experience.

So now, what?

Collaboration is the heartbeat of my commercial video production in New Orleans. It’s all about getting to know my clients, embracing their unique stories, and working together to infuse the spirit of this vibrant city. With a grounded approach, we create engaging videos that leave a lasting impression on both the clients and their audience. I’m grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with amazing people, and together, we’ll continue to create commercial videos that stand out and celebrate the beauty of New Orleans.

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