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The City Acccording to Armstrong: Satchmo Fest 2018 Photo Gallery

In New Orleans it is truly evident that so many life passions and careers are influenced and inspired by the power and talent of one man: Louis “Satchmo” Armstrong. If you don’t know what I am talking about, listen to Louis more than you are now or come down during Satchmo Fest during the first weekend of August. Every panel talk, solo, and song is in some way inspired by and driven with the spirit of Satchmo.

I feel that is why this small New Orleans music festival that is put on by French Quarter Festivals Inc. sets the stage for some of the most passioned playing you’ll ever see in this city. French Quarter Festival, Jazz Fest, and all the other “fests” are a great way to see some of the best New Orleans and Louisiana music in the world in one place. But no other festival comes close to creating a community mindset and mood such as Satchmo Fest. Just think about it. Your artistic goal is to invoke and thank the spirit and talent of a man so influential to the world of jazz as Louis Armstrong…you KNOW the music will be unique, powerful, and moving. I hope these photos do it justice….

Please spread this gallery around so all can enjoy! Tag and Share with your friends!I know I am missing some names so if you see someone not credited LET ME KNOW! I am sending the gallery out to the musicians I know that are featured but please post-away! I am so forever grateful for the opportunity to create and document the heart of such a wonderful city, much less be trusted to show the spirit of SATCHMO Fest. This gallery features in order: Edna Karr Band, Matt Rhody, Charlie Halloran, Doyle Cooper, AJ Gaulton (drying out SATCHMO), Yoshio Toyama, The Big Cheezy, Plum St. Snowballs, James Williams (band), Brice Miller of Mohogany Brass Band, Yolanda Windsay, Fans of Sacthmo Fest, Topsy Chapman and Solid Harmony, Torrence Taylor w/ Joe Lastie’s, Will Smith, Joe Lastie, Peter Harris, Calvin Johnson, AJ Gaulton (smoking), Cory Henry, TBC Brass Band, Hassan “Too” Goffner, Cedric Wiley, Oswald Jones, aka Boe Monkey, Bday Boy Jon Gross, Cinnamon Black and Al “Carnival Time” Johnson, Shannon of TBC Brass Band, Sudan Social Aid and Pleasure Club, Undefeated Divas and Gents SAPC, Big 6 and TBC Brass Band, Shotgun Jazz Band, Storyville Stompers, Robin Barnes, Irma Thomas, Jeremy Davenport with Nicholas Payton, Trumpet Mafia, Donald Harrison Jr.,  Leon “Kid Chocolate” Brown with son, Ashlin Parker.

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