The listening photographer is a client’s best friend

The amount of trust that a stranger puts in a photographer is paramount to sometimes falling back blindfolded – Our pictures do speak for them selves, but it’s the story that happens during the client-photographer relationship that really makes the photos shine.

What starts as a call out in an email, or an inquiry from the website, ends up with an image that someone is proud of that represents who they are in the best way possible. In between is some of my favorite moments where I can learn from that person their hopes, dreams, and vision for the future of their brand and identity.

I’m grateful for the opportunity every day to meet new people and hear new stories and create new images to help so many small businesses in New Orleans – in the last few weeks I have felt a different positivity and the voices in the words of our people and it feels good.

Posting my five star reviews is only easy for me as it illustrates a point. My photos aren’t worth the shutter click if the client’s vision is not achieved – and it’s sometimes worth it to me as a headshot photographer in New Orleans to show you the end result. I could show you all of these business headshots and studio photography final photos, but all you would see is MY perspective of my client. I want you to see my clients perspective of their experience, and thus themselves.

A great review from a client means that I listened, and with each person that puts their trust in me I get better at figuring out the vision inside their head so that I may make it a reality.

Five star review of Zack Smith Photography's New Orleans business headshots.
Zack Smith Photographer actor and model photography services, five star review.

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