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Is it time to update your headshot?

5 Signs It’s Time to Update Your Headshot or Business Profile Photo

I mean who really likes to take headshots? Maybe the photographer and no on else! Kidding aside, I am sure you already have usable headshots, so is there really a need to update them? Ideally, your headshots could do with an update every 2 years, especially in certain industries. I have been doing New Orleans business headshots on Magazine Street for quite a few years and even if your current employer doesn’t need a new headshot, it’s always good to refresh yours to include in social media profiles like LinkedIN and you website if you have one.

You may even want to update your business profile photo if you are a business owner – you could use a new fresh look to help promote your growing business! You own your own company or run your own shop, wouldn’t it be great to have some new headshots out there to give people another reason to come in? In this case – maybe I come to your store for a quick photo? Read the list below and call me!

Still not convinced you need to invest in a new set of headshots? Here are a few signs that you do!

  1. You’ve aged. I mean, haven’t we all? If you’ve noticed some changes in the mirror, it’s probably a good idea to update your headshots. The reality is that your headshots need to look recent, so aging is the first good reason to consider updating your headshots. This is particularly important if your appearance plays a role in you getting work. Even if you aren’t looking for work it’s good to have a fresh new looking headshot.

2. You’ve updated your look. Have you lost a significant amount of weight, changed your hair, or had surgery? This is another sign that it’s time to schedule another headshot session with your photographer. When people meet with you, if they don’t recognize you, it can come off as untrustworthy. 
3.Your current headshots are trendy. If the last time you took headshots you followed a particular trend, whether this was a style of photo or fashion, it’s time to update your images. Unfortunately, trends never last long, which means your headshots quickly become outdated. Rather opt for a timeless look and photo style for the best results. Hire my amazing Makeup Artist to give you a new look, or even just refresh your current look if you look great now!
4. You’re often contacted about roles you’re uninterested in. Ok so this one is specific to any actors reading this. If you frequently get calls about roles that aren’t your type, it’s time to consider whether your headshots are sending the right message. You can show more personality with a new full body headshot as this shows your body type, clothing styles, and more that some things agencies consider
5. People often don’t recognize you. This one applies to anyone from any sector. If potential employers, clients, or business partners often tell you how different you look in person, you might want to update your headshots. You may have gotten a serious haircut…beard shave, or just haven’t shown your face around town! Time for a headshot!

So, is it time to give your headshot or business profile photo an upgrade? Fill out a contact form on my website or just call me at my Magazine Street studio 504-251-7745

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