835 Julia St. Unit A, New Orleans, LA 70113

Zack Smith Photography is now on Julia Street!

It has been a great run on Magazine Street and I am grateful for the experience and relationships I have made from 2017-2023 using this space as my photography home. I can’t believe it has been 6 years since I walked into 4514 with a vision to create a unique photography branding experience for my clients. Since 2017 I have added so many new amazing continuing headshot photography clients that have blossomed into services that have helped their company tell their story in the growing digital and print age.

Since 2017, I have added New Orleans Video Services, drone photography and drone video services as well as food photography, fine art reproduction photography, and even producing reels for Instagram! (I know right…I would have never guessed that either).Being in that part of uptown had some great advantages with access to constant foot traffic, drive-by visibility, and oh my caffeine COFFEE SHOPS everywhere. Like, surrounding me. Like a buzzed blanket of warmth. (insert tear emoji)

Zack Smith in his new photography studio on Julia Street in the Warehouse District of New Orleans.

Starting January 1st, 2024 Zack Smith Photography will be shooting and working out of the Warehouse District at 835 Julia Street APT A – it’s the one on the corner! I am so excited to craft light with these floor to wall windows and 18′ ceilings! Just being able to raise my Paul C Buff softboxes higher than 6′ has my trigger finger SNAPPING. I had always felt that I had tapped out the creative possibilities at my old studio, using every 400 square feet of that space to illuminate faces, food, and art. I am very excited to offer my clients new options on lighting styles, video interviews, and expand my options on all photographic services.

As you all know, New Orleans is a small city with big ideas and strong connections. My first studio experience outside of my home office was working and shooting out of the CANARY Gallery at 329 Julia Street from 2006-2010 with my pal Blake Haney of Dirty Coast T-shirts. For those 4 years I also curated monthly art and photography openings of established and emerging artists while enjoying the energy of the New Orleans Arts District community. It’s so wild how life works…and just about 5 minutes ago I got off the phone with Arts District to be a part of their brochure as a ‘new supporting business’. Growing in an ever expanding circle…life.

Being able to evolve with the ebb and flow of the local and regional market while upgrading my services to meet the changing needs of my clients is probably one of the most exciting aspects of being a visual producer. I can learn to listen to my client’s needs and use digital technology, AI, strong marketing tactics, and advanced SEO to help them not only get a great headshot or video but have it WORK FOR THEM. That’s my job…

I have already had some amazing photo shoots in my new studio. My old friend Louis Michot of the Grammy winning Lost Bayou Ramblers, film director and pal Nick Pino came by for their own promotional needs. The ability to move in this large space, shape and bend light while staying connected has blown away any preconceived expectations I had. The future is bright…diffused, gridded, and bouncing around the room.

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