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Zack Smith Photography Reopening Plan

As New Orleans, Louisiana begins the reopening phases of business in this COVID19 virus landscape, Zack Smith Photography Studio at 4514 Magazine Street is dedicated to providing a safe, creative, and socially conscious shooting environment for all clients.


Headshot Studio Reopening

These last few weeks have been hard for everyone economically and emotionally all over the world. The most important people I can think of right now are the ones in my family and yours. That’s why I want you to know that I have your family and your business at the center of the reopening strategy of Zack Smith Photography studio. As you plan your next headshot or branding photography project you will know that your safety is #1.

Photo Studio Reopening Checklist

Zack Smith Photography Studio at 4514 Magazine Street Reopening

  1. All photo shoots discussed in full prior to entering studio

    All photo shoots will be discussed in full before meeting at my studio or on location to ensure we know who will be there and how the shoot will go. We want to ensure that any rooms don’t get too crowded or unsafe to be in together.

  2. All shoots are prepay so no money or cards are needed

    In an effort to reduce contact, all photo shoots will be prepaid by invoice prior to entering the studio.

  3. Safe Distancing in the studio

    In order to be compliant with CDC infection control regulations and maintain a safe yet collaborative environment I will have enough room to maintain at least 6ft of distance. All chairs and tables are put up and my computer and work station are pushed to the opposite corner.

  4. One person per shoot at a time

    Due to the size of my studio, it’s safe to shoot only one person per session. If you have a team of people, we will stagger each shot and give enough time in between so I can disinfect between each person.

  5. Studio setup prior to entering

    Your background and lighting scheme will be setup prior to your arrival. This will help us limit the amount of time at the studio and give us the ability to start shooting right away.

  6. Studio disinfected after each client and through the day

    The front door, seat, bathroom and all touched up on items will be cleaned after each client and throughout the day.

  7. Front door hand sanitizing station

    I have a touchless hand sanitizing dispenser inside the front door for your convenience up on entering and leaving the studio.

  8. Client mask rack

    Near your posing stool have a mask rack for you to hang your mask. This rack is disinfected after each client, and throughout the day.

  9. 60″ viewing monitor for your convenience

    Instead of showing you images on my camera as we shoot, I will be shooting (tethering) directly to a large monitor so you can see what we shoot immediately.

From business headshots, portraits, product photography and more – you can trust  I have you and your families health and safety in mind just as I do mine.

Thank you for being patient. I value your trust and loyalty as I look forward to welcoming back regular clients and new ones. I am happy to answer any questions you have about these reopening steps in place to keep you healthy and your business marketing needs running smoothly. Being a New Orleans photographer means more about being creative AND safe in this new environment, and I intend to keep it that way.

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