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How to cull and tag your photographs in Lightroom: A Photography Video Tutorial
Finding the winning photograph to start your editing workflow can be a chore, especially sifting through hundreds, sometimes thousands of losers! I love photographing people, culture, and telling the visual stories of the moments around me. I don’t like sitting in front of a computer trying to find the best ones. Granted, there are those magical times when you are on a portrait shoot or shooting some documentary street photography when you just KNOW the one image that trumps all the others. If you are wise in the field and can get yourself out of the ‘moment’ to tag that shot, then you are winning the culling game.

Learn from me how to cull and tag your BEST images in the video above!

So many people as me “how do I find the best photographs from my shoot and not waste time doing it”? My number one suggestion would be to get familiar with the shortcuts given to you by Lightroom using the numbers 1 through 5 and color code numbers 6-9. If you don’t remember anything from this photo tutorial blog and video, remember that! You can determine what number, or color, means what in how you tag your images. On food photography shoots I like to first number my photos on the first pass, but then give certain photos a color code to differentiate a theme or composition I like/

Using metadata to win the editing game

If your camera allows you to rate your photographs in the field, meaning the ability to rate while shooting, then I feel that is a great way to get a jump start on your photography culling and editing. There are times when I am on a conference photoshoot, or especially on a corporate or business headshot, where I have some downtime to hit the review button and start looking at my image. Anything that you rate on the camera, gets stored in the metadata of the image file. This data is built into the image that will then show up in your Lightroom catalogue. You have the ability to give you images a 1-5 star rating in the camera, which stays with the photo upon importing. This tactic has saved me so much time!

I am going to be posting more helpful photography editing video tutorials on my website and blog in the coming year to help give you 2020 VISION and creative freedom with your photography. If you have any suggestions as to what kind of topics you’d like me to cover, please message me here or email!

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