How to use presets in Lightroom

How to use preset filters in Lightroom – a video tutorial

One of my favorite ways to spark creativity in the photography editing process is to use preset filters in Adobe Lightroom. Lightroom is an essential tool in my photography editing workflow and the more I can streamline my creative process more efficiently I am able to get out and shoot. It has always been my philosophy that the reason I got into photography is to use my camera to tell stories and the more I am out shooting, the happier I am. As editing my photos is an essential part of my trade and the finishing touch of my photographic process, it’s nice to have some help here and there.

I made this Lightroom video at my photography studio on Magazine Street and I hope it helps you understand a little more about Lightroom preset filters and how to make your own.

Get the Most in Post! How to use presets in Lightroom! from Zack Smith Photography on Vimeo.

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