Humility in the time of COVID

How is it going for you? How does it feel right now? How does having this new global perspective effect the way you view your world, much less THE world in a way you never have?

My thoughts could turn to how bad it is in one country vs my own. I can be thinking of how one city’s COVID19 response differs from my own. I could agree, or disagree, as to how one population isolates and performs its social distance vs another. One thing we can agree on is that we are connected, and we are experiencing a big broad brick wall in our face called humility. So, how does it feel?

April 2020 Smith Family Portrait
April 2020 Smith Family Portrait. ©Zack Smith Photography

Every hour that goes by, we are further pulled from that first day of realizing that this unwanted evolving virus was in our backyard. Every day we wake up no closer to the future of when it will end, but right in the middle of yesterday and tomorrow we have right now.

All we have is right now. Right now is the only time you can call your loved ones, ZOOM with a group of like minds, hold and cherish the ones that can benefit from inside your 6ft zone of comfort.

April 2020 Smith Family Portrait. ©Zack Smith Photography

We have a new reality out here in the USA, Louisiana, St. Bernard Parish, our home. We are grateful one of us still works, while the other spends the day with our daughter. We do what we have to in our own home to get through each day, closer to the day that we can slightly tweak our current reality. There’s hope in knowing soon we’ll meet our new family member, and that’s hopeful. There’s peace in knowing we’ll be even more connected to those around us and when we can finally let them in our little 6ft zone of comfort. That’s comforting.

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